Cape Breton Overlanding

is an overlanding adventure company Located in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. we offer a 4x4 rental with a roof top tent and all of your required camping gear. Cruise the Cabot trail or hit the back roads and see Cape Breton from a different view.

the Scoop

Top of the World, near Bragg Creek, AB.

Top of the World, near Bragg Creek, AB.

Growing up down the Bay,(Baddeck Bay) I spent a ton of time in the woods, hiking, camping, off-roading in my parents truck, cars, on our dirt bikes, three wheeling, and snowmobiling. With The Highlands being 20 minutes from my back yard it was the destination of choice. My father worked in the forestry industry up in the Highlands for 30+ years. Whether it was cutting trail or just exploring, I was able to see the highlands first hand.

After moving away and traveling to different destinations around the world, I found myself always talking about Cape Breton. Realizing how special Cape Breton really is, it was time to dream. Dreaming of doing something back home, but what? Well this whole time the dream was sitting in the driveway. Bringing the love of everything I enjoy doing and Cape Breton together, Cape Breton Overlanding took shape. This is only the beginning.

I hope you enjoy your Island Adventure as much as I think you will.